Using our periodic story surveys, we can indirectly understand whether a person may be a threat to our community.

Here are some of the problems we are going to address in Public911:

Guns- Nowadays, guns are becoming more and more of an issue. Using several integrations, we have come up with a solution. If there’re any problems or suspicions relating to gun control, the user can describe it on our website.

Drugs- This is becoming more and more of a problem in our society today. With our system, we can identify and help someone who is using drugs illegally or inappropriately.

Accidents- Due to texting or other reasons, car or pedestrian accidents are becoming more common. To prevent this, Public911 ensures a quick and reliable way to react to these accidents.

Suicides- If you know someone who may be depressed or committing suicide and have no time to react or tell someone, using Public911 is the most effective measure.  Suicide among teens and adults are becoming a huge problem in the world today.

Medical- If there is a medical emergency, the user can use Public911 to get help as fast as possible. We would be able to get you the help you need faster than anyone else.

Animals- If there is a dangerous animal on the loose, you can use Pubic911 to report it to the community. An example could be when there was a bear on the loose in Albany which is potentially dangerous to our community.

Cleanliness- If there is something that is not visually appealing (graffiti) or someone littered significantly, people can use our app to report it to local authorities.

Customer Service- When you’re in a store such as Best Buy, for example, they may give you absolutely terrible service. If you report it to the manager, the problem may not be solved. Reporting the problem at Public911 will ensure the problem gets solved.

Corruption- In other countries, specifically, there can be a lot of corruption. Including the US, someone could offer you a bribe. Posting this information on Public911 will make sure the problem gets solved.